The Big Picture Vision

Let’s begin this post exploring a different concept, micromanagement.

Micromanage: “to manage, direct or conduct the activities of a group or an enterprise with excessive control or attention to details.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to micromanage every aspect of their business. We seem unable to let go of the most fundamental tasks in fear that they won’t get done right. Just as we need to hold ourselves accountable in respect to the decisions we make and the steps we must take to achieve success, as business and as team leaders we must give our team members the physical, mental and emotional tools they need to take care of their assigned tasks without our constant supervision.

Why is it so important for us to delegate, and release, as it were, some of these responsibilities to our team?

A leader’s focus on the big picture is essential to his/her role. The fact of the matter is that this big picture will not be realized if the leader is not allowed, or does not allow himself, to concentrate on this primordial task.

As business leaders we must nurture and mentor our team. We must facilitate to them the right strategies for the successful, independent and unsupervised accomplishment of their everyday tasks.


Mission Statement

Every business venture must be accompanied by a clear mission statement, centered on core personal and professional values, and the meaningful reason or purpose behind the actions of the leader and his/her team.

Visual Roadmap

To bring your big picture vision closer to reality you must transfer the picture in your mind into a physical, tangible form. By making use of mind maps or flowcharts the big picture vision will come to life. This visual representation will facilitate the process of sharing and understanding the concepts and the steps that form the big picture, and that must be worked independently.


By clearly defining and communicating what you expect from each team member, the quantity and quality of work will be measured against a known set of standards. This will, in turn, favor an environment of justice, fairness and open communication.

Decision Making

Giving each member of your team a degree of freedom over the management of their responsibilities, a sense of ownership over their tasks and positive feedback on their creative and problem solving abilities it is key. This way they will come to you with already plausible solutions at hand and with answers that would otherwise take you extra time and energy to have to work on yourself.

By creating balance between Empowerment and Accountability you will cement the foundations for business and entrepreneurial success. This balance not only needs to be developed and nurtured in your team, but must also be a constant element of your mental framework and business ethic.

Empowerment and accountability in your team and yourself will make it easier for you, the leader, to generate and fuel the daily doses of Big Picture Vision needed for your business to never lose focus of the ultimate goal and charter a new and stronger course toward success every day.


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