Why do We do what We do? (Part II)

To find our “Why” we must take a closer and truthful look inside and have a sincere talk with our “self” about what it is that we need from life, from others, from ourselves. We tend to do what we do driven not by what we need but by what we want.

 According to socialstudiesforkids.com a want is something you would like to have. It is not intrinsic to your well-being  it is an added element to life that would make it more pleasant, more enjoyable, more beautiful, for you. On the other hand, a need is something you must have, and cannot do without, like food and water. A need is something essential to your life, you cannot opt out of a need, and all the driving forces of human nature and survival are set in motion to get you to fulfill your more basic and primal needs first, consume nutrients, drink water, and sleep. As humans became civilized creatures we have piled up wants on top of needs, trying to accommodate those needs to the social environments that we created; growing cities, growing populations, greater access to new and better things. Every day we spend a large amount of money of material wants, we feed ourselves and our children the “food” we want regardless of the nutrients we need. Unfortunately, for centuries, we have been programmed to make personal, public and financial decisions based on our assumed and automatic wants. To these, in essence, we have become dependent.

Understand this, your “Why” is not to be found in your “Wants”. But your wants may be a starting point to re-discover your needs and your meaningful “Why”.


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