The Decision Making Process and Our Level of Choice Satisfaction


Linda Anderson’s post Something for The Weekend (11/09/12), in the Business Education section of Financial Times (,  explores the topic of decision-making from a psychological perspective. “ln trying to understand what affects decision-making a group of academics have looked at how individuals make a choice”. As consumers the level of satisfaction a  certain choice would produce is consistent with the amount of choices we were originally given, “the answer they say depends on having as wide a selection as possible.” or at least, I believe  to perceive that we are given all the choices. Anderson goes on to say  “the results of the research indicate that it is preferable to present all the options simultaneously”, to me it seems all about control. As modern consumers we understand a variety of products and services are competing to get our attention and to become our number one choice, we want full disclosure.

Making decisions is a crucial fact of life, as the amount of choices widen our satisfaction may go up, nevertheless, I wonder if  we might lose our ability to make choices that involve less information and greater risk, and therefore have difficulty moving and following through with out decisions. While limited choices seem to be more and more turned by our consciousness into failure, a wider array of choices seems to mean opportunity and power. May be a good exercise to develop greater assertiveness over the decision-making process would be to simplify our lives and the multiplicity of choices we face everyday. If we force ourselves to make a choice based on fewer information and our true needs and wants, we may be better prepared, not just to make the tough choices, but to be content with the choices we made and keep moving forward.


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